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Ancient Species Daffodils, Garden Must Haves!

N. Pseudo-Narcissus Anglicus aka Lent Lily

N. Pseudo-Narcissus Anglicus, pre 1200

"This, the true English Daffodil or Lent Lily....one of the prettiest of a showy tribe..."1

"Anglicus", in a single word, explains what the English  garden thought of this heavenly flower.  The "common" daffodil, brought to the America's by the earliest English settlers, is a very early blooming a long, dark yellow trumpet and a hooded, light yellow perianth giving it an unmistakable old fashioned, wild flower look.  A flower looking at home in the edge of a tree-line, in the orchard or in the front garden. 

A living piece of garden history!
N. Biflorus, aka 'Primrose Peerless' or 'Twin Sisters'
N. Biflorus aka Primrose Peerless

N. Biflorus, aka 'Primrose Peerless', pre 1597

"N. biflorus, a supposed natural hybrid between a poeticus and N. polyanthus or a Tazetta. The bloom is primrose coloured and inexpressibly sweet."1

"N. Biflorus, more beautiful than even N. Poeticus, filled the air with rich fragrance."

A very old fashioned favorite that naturalized very well.  Often found in old southern gardens, blooming happily with no care...as easy a flower can get.

Start your antique daffodil collection today to share with generations to come!
N. Odorus var Campernelli

N. Odorus, aka 'Campernelli', pre 1601

"It is an effective species... both segments and cup being of a deep golden-yellow colour, and the flowers are moreover deliciously fragrant. It is very robust in habit, and readily establishes itself in any deep, rich, well-drained, garden soil."6

An absolute favorite and everything a spring flower should be.  Garden performance, a beautiful yellow, superbly fragrant and elegant, twisted petals and gorgeous 6 lobed cup. 

Very highly recommended!s
N. Odorus aka Campernelli
N. Poeticus var Recurvus aka "Poet's Narcissus", pre 1600

N. poeticus var. recurvus, aka 'Pheasant's Eye', pre 1600

"This is one of the most beautiful, as well as the most common, of the species. A border of this Narcissus, after the bulbs get well established, has no equal among early flowers"4
A late blooming (nearly last) certainly dos not test the age old saying "  saving the best for last".  A small, delicate bloom with strongly recurved petals of clear white a shallow, nearly disk like cup of green, yellow and crimson rimmed.  Fabulously scented!  Excellent as a cut flower and suggest growing as many as possible so you may enjoy the blooms in the boarder and enough to be brought in doors to enjoy the perfume.

Buyer beware!  Many poeticus varieties are substituted as 'Pheasant's Eye' or 'Poets Narcissus', so be careful in purchasing this antique, true to name variety.

2010 Bulb Prices

Orange Phoenix.........................................1 - $3.50, 5 - $15.00 Golden Phoenix ("rose-like" variety)...................1 - $4.00 Golden Phoenix ("cup of florets" variety)..............1 - $4.00

Old Cottage Garden Collection..........................1 - $12.00 { 2 - Orange Phoenix, 1 each of the Golden Phoenix varieties }

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